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Like all cyclical events, things have returned to normal with chaos.  Once again he is more distant, more cold, and slowly becoming more of a jerk.  At times like these I don’t even want to be his friend, ugh. Sometimes I hate the predictability of this cycle.  And I hate being right. “I shall always […]

Odd Angles


My family has always been of the belief that I am the type of person that is rather introverted,  and because of this I tend to be somewhat awkward when forced into a group of people.  However, put me in front of a computer on the internet and I let my true self show and […]

Just a quickie to update on a random act of weirdness.  As a fan of most things geek, I am a tremendous fan of the show Big Bang Theory.  And the new season has started up and this excites me on a level that words cannot express.  Last night was the season premiere and, imho […]

This weekend has been a rather productive one, in the sense that I have been putting effort (and focus) into upgrading my scientific education as a whole, which I’m sure will have effects on this blog at some point.  But!  As well as having been interested in regards to my brain-food, it has also been […]

In life there are highs and lows, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative.  A scientist by nature and thus generally requiring proof of things, I find it ironic that I believe in karma.  It might be that I have seen karma in action, where my actions have had reactions to them, […]

Like all great studies, at some point you have to go back and look at all the data you’ve accumulated to see where your hypothesis may have gone wrong.  I suppose 15 years ago my hypothesis of meeting a nice young man, marrying, and procreating seemed a pretty rational one.  But it seems not quite […]

The G Force


A few of my friends are vaguely familiar with the details of my life, and even fewer with the details of my romantic life.  Writing this blog … well it’s pretty much anonymous so I can be honest about details surrounding it.  But a few friends already know these details, so it’s rather moot. One […]